Heavyweights vs Lightweights

At The Weight Room, we offer many types of services that meet your needs and sometimes even your budget (keeping it a buck). The goal of our services is to help you identify where you are struggling in your life and how to support you getting to a healthier, peaceful you. Check out what weight class groups we have and see what may be a fit for you. If you aren’t sure, don’t trip, we will assess your needs to see what’s the best solution for you.

We specialize in:


Individual Therapy: Nothing wrong with therapy!! We call it what it is with no shame over here! This is the service for you if you are dealing with past/present issues or feelings that are causing reactions and responses that are affecting your ability to show up the way you feel good about it. You may have heard it from others that you are doing things wrong or find yourself repeating the same ish over and over and don’t know why. You may not even know what the problem is but that’s aight, we got you! We put this in the heavyweights category because we need to rehab you before we have you start lifting weights. This is also a place to drop the weight that is no longer benefiting you!

Couples Therapy: Things between you and your partner ain’t vibing very well and the both of you don’t know where to start; but yall know yall want to be together….or trying to figure that part out. We are going to work with both of you in rehabbing your relationship and getting it to a place where you both feel you know how to manage the relationship or sometimes let the weight go if that’s what’s best.

Group Therapy: You need a spot where you have a brotherhood to figure stuff out. These groups focus on a specific need in the safe space of brotherhood where y’all can support each other; intense work like therapy but with more support. You could also be getting in that individual work too but want some additional support. Group schedules and topics may vary.


Support Group: This is a space that builds a brotherhood by working on things learned in rehab (therapy) and or general issues that provide support as well as hold each other accountable in living the life you want. Group schedules and topics may vary.

Squad Support: Sometimes you and the homies are going through it individually but relate to the issues and want to figure life out. You may not have the answers sway for your boys, but we can help yall figure it out as a squad. We offer up to 4 friends to join a session where you all can discuss your concerns and chop it up with a professional to get insight. It’s like a lowkey group but with your bros so yall also building community with each other. This is a lightweight service as heavyweights deserve their own individual time

Individual Coaching: You completed rehab and know how to navigate your emotions and moving forward but struggling with maintaining success or staying on track with your goals. Whether it’s keeping your fears in check to vibing with your partner we will give you support in getting to the weight room without always needing a spotter. We call this a lightweight because you are doing well with the weights but still need some accountability.

Relationship Coaching: You and the boo did the grunt work but sometimes yall fall off with communication or staying accountable to your goals while in rehab. We will support yall’s goals and keep you accountable so that you can spot each other when need be. This is a lightweight because your true spotter is right next to you; we just got to transfer the responsibilities.

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